Gerald “Bogle” Levy Memorial T-Shirt

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DoKRoC has been reggae dancing for over 20 years. Gerald “Bogle” Levy aka Mr. Wacky has played such an inspiration in his life. Fashion Ova Style, that’s how he lived. Avodgy x DoKRoC has been blessed to get the backing of Bogle’s widow, Tanya Levy, to make a shirt to commemorate the biggest dancer of all time!!! With this project, 25% of the sales are going to go to Gerald Levy’s family. This design pays respect to the Black Roses Crew with the use of the white rose. The font on the front of the shirt is mimicking the style of writing on Bogle’s mural in Black Roses Corner, Kingston, Jamaica. Most importantly, the display of spiked chokers on the front and back need no explanation. Honorably mentioned, we can’t overlook the 2 quotes “Fashion Ova Style” and “All Dem Deh” incorporated into the design as well. With that being said, let’s make this movement a hit, so we can be uniformed up for his celebration in January. 

I also want to give major respect to Boysie for the help to facilitate this project. You played a great friend, brother, and protector to Bogle’s family and namesake. Many blessings to you.