About Us

Avodgy Collection is a seasoned clothing brand by CEO Lisa Ward. She has a veteran background in the entertainment industry as an artist, then as artist management and development. This is an extremely valuable asset due to having to keep up-to-date and marketable images in this style changing industry. A lot of times, a trail has to be blazed predicting the next hot thing. After accomplishing consistent successes and achievements through her 35 years in the entertainment industry, she expanded to being a virtuoso author and motivational speaker. Her resume accumulated several business ventures in fashion, as well as being the CEO of Secdum Magazine & Deadline Productions where she interviewed some of the biggest names in the game and keeps tapped into the pulse of the latest youth crazes. Furthermore, to fully understand her drive, she is the author of the recently published book entitled Empowered by Disadvantages. Fashion has been a way of life of Lisa, and Avodgy is just the manifestation of those habits.


DoKRoC the Mascot originated from a 10 year old made into a sneaker addict in 1989. The original release of the Cement Air Jordan 4s, and shortly after, the Grape Air Jordan 5s made the COO Jamil Bey an addict of sneakz from an early age. This appreciation of footwear made for an objective to see how shoes complete an outfit, but more importantly, showed the ability to make garments catered to shoes. With his 8-year history in the fashion industry as a runway model and coordinator, every detail from head to toe had to be thoroughly critiqued. Color combinations, materials, and textures play such a part into completing his vision. From customizing shirts, jackets, and jeans via an embroidery machine to using a paintbrush on all of those articles and sneakers, specialized looks became routine and desired In his everyday life. The talents became profitable and lead to constructing jeans, due to customers wanting to make sure they had bottoms that accentuate what was on their feet. The DoKRoC stickman logo has a life of his own. The name is an altered reversal of the Crooked~I moniker from his artistic and reggae dancing life. He is the personification of Jamil’s graffiti tag, Intellect412. The “I” in Intellect was made crooked. Moving to the meaning of intellect, it’s the faculty of reasoning and understanding. Wisdom is the root…and in the famous words of Socrates, “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” This is why the DoKRoC is shrugging his shoulders to display that he only knows a small fraction of real knowledge.